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Three Monkeys / Press 2020

Skate Art Project / 1967

1967 / Skate Art Project

Series "Made in Italy" / instant DOWNLOAD

Series Fifteen 

Totò - M.L. King - Virgilio / Limited Edition

I love You... Un messaggio ad un amore /

Ri-Tratto to Poisson d'Avril / Limited Edition

Ti sarò sempre in testa! / Coming soon.

 Three Monkeys / 2020

Tribal LOVE / SkateART Project

Preparatory sketch Virgilio series Fifteen

Piacere in numeri / Limited Edition


Pòta /  2020

Detail 1967 / Skate Art Project

Ri-Tratto to Madame Cippalippa

Mr Jolly / Made in Italy

Masque / Red nose

Submarine / Limited Edition 

Big Pins Fifteen / Limited Edition

My Hart / materic wallpaper

Big Pillow / Limited Edition - 150x150

Kribbio / Made in Italy

"The grammar of feelings" Ceramic work

Ri-Tratto to Maia / Private 

Skate Art Project / Sticker XL

Tanz Bambolina / Made in Italy 

Heart n. 14 / Limited Edition

The Room /

The Room / Ri-Tratto for Business

ApeTeresa / Made in Italy

Q LampMessaggio subliminale / Limited Edition


Messaggio subliminale Facciamo Zum Zum - Oggi sei 1 Stronzo / Limited Edition


H POP Series / Limited Edition


Preparatory sketch Possono d'Avril series Fifteen

SkateART Project / Griptape Limited Edition

Detail of the picture M.L. King series Fifteen / Limited Edition

Ri-Tratto in Vasetto / Special Edition for gift - 50x50

Sex gate / Made in Italy


Ri-Tratto to Love Therapy STORE / Elio Fiorucci

Ri-Tratto to Ogino / Limited Edition

AdVisor Magazine Italy

Detail of the picture Piacere in numeri  / Limited Edition

Masque / Less is More

Ri-Tratto to Pinco Pallino / sold by Sotheby's 2013

Preparatory sketch Leon

Il Taccc / Made in Italy

Pins Pack - Series Fifteen / Limited Edition

Ri-Tratto to Tizio&Caio / Limited Edition

Promotion Magazine / Ri-Tratto for Business

Detail of the picture Tizio&Caio / Limited Edition

Agitare bene / Made in Italy 

Dolci Emozioni / Ri-Tratto for Business

Totò - Series Fifteen / Limited Edition

Preparatory sketch Mica 

Promo pins / OK Rewind

Detail of the picture Totó - series Fifteen

Ri-Tratto to W. Charles Copyright / Limited Edition 

Ri-Tratto to Lampy

Ri-Tratto to Andrea / Private

Ri-Tratto to The Room, Milan

Notebook Piacere in numeri / Limited Edition

Image detail Scarpetta


Big Pillow / Limited Edition - 150x150 

Preparatory sketch W. Charles Copyright

Ri-Tratto to Minnie

Che Cuore mi metto? 

series Fifteen / Limited Edition

Ri-Tratto to Lampy


Preparatory sketch Messaggi subliminali n. 01

CharityStar online charity auction, for Amo la Vita Onlus
Wooden frame + Canvas 100% Cotton 

Messaggio subliminale / Limited Edition

Messaggio subliminale / Q Lamp / Limited Edition

Ri-Tratto to Scarpetta / Limited Edition


Fifteen / porcelain Plates / Limited Edition 

Fine Art Print -  Color / Matte Paper

GLOVO / Shop Milan City

"The grammar of feelings" Ceramic work 

1975  Born Romantic

Preparatory sketch 1975 Born Romantic

Sticker XL / SkateART Project

H POP n. 03/19 

Virgilio - Serie Fifteen / Limited Edition

Big Pins - M.L. King Series Fifteen / Limited Edition

Three Monkeys XS / 2020


H POP n. 01/19

Threadneedle In. / Ri-Tratto for Business

Image detail M.L. King - series Fifteen

Ri-Tratto to Mica / Limited Edition


Preparatory sketch Tizio&Caio

Che Cuore mi metto? 3 pins series Fifteen 

Ri-Tratto / Limited Edition BOX

M.L. King - Serie Fifteen / Limited Edition


Sketch Tizio&Caio - Virgilio - Copyright Curiosità HOME, Milan

Ri-Tratto to Scarpetta / Limited Edition


Pòta for Onlus CESVI / 2020

Griptape / SkateART Project