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Messaggio subliminale / Q Lamp

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With the Q Lab lamp created in collaboration with Microstudio, you will see your home will be with a different light that furnishes. “Subliminal message” is an ironic rebus of thoughts not always said. On the two sides of the lamp are represented the two works belonging to the collection Subliminal message: “Let’s do zum zum” and “Today you are an asshole”  we find just this style. The 2 external panels can be replaced by other subjects, as they are attached to the lamp with magnets.

Q Lamp size: 24x24x8cm
Artist: Stefano Epis
Design Q Lamp: Microstudio by Fabrizio Susi
Edition Size: 50 copies
Gift box: 25x25x10cm
Material: Plywood
Limited Edition 2020
40 Watt - Certification CE
Q Lamp weight: 1,5 kg
Including certificate of authenticity, signed and numbered
Created and produced in Italy